Free Antique Old Trade Card Flower Artwork Digital Image Poppy Clip Art

flower old illustration trade card antique botanical artwork
antique flower trade card illustration image

flower botanical artwork old antique illustration digital clipart
antique flower trade card illustration image

These are two, antique 1870's flower trade card images. The first digital flower trade card illustration is of a maroon poppy. The second digital flower trade card clip art is of a flower, Abutilon. It's a large, white, bell-shaped flower, and it's pretty. With antique, grunged backgrounds, these old flower illustrations make wonderful design elements for lots of projects.

Vintage Avon Beauty Bath Soap Toothpaste Artwork Illustrations Digital Download

avon soap beauty illustration artwork digital image
vintage Avon soap clip art
avon vintage artwork illustration beauty digital clipart
vintage Avon toothpaste clip art

These vintage, Avon beauty illustrations are amazing for two reasons. First, the detailed artwork of the product boxes and the soap and vintage toothpaste is glorious. The realism in the illustrations is gorgeous. And, second, each stock illustration shows both the soap and tooth tablet and the boxes in which they came. The designs and colors on the boxes are great too! Each of these digital Avon beauty images will be lots of with which to create lots of projects, especially a collage artwork. 

digital vintage beauty bath clipart downloads .png

Antique Stock Illustration Fruit Peach Botanical Artwork Digital Image

peach fruit vintage illustration artwork digital download
vintage peach artwork clip art

This is a stunningly beautiful digital peach illustration download. This digital peach clip art was created from an 1870's chromolithograph. The colors of the big, ripe peaches are vibrant and so pretty. The leaves framing the peach help make this a truly gorgeous piece of antique fruit artwork. Whether you incorporate this peach image onto a label decoration, a handmade recipe card, or website design, this pretty peach art will help make all of your crafting projects more attractive.

digital antique peach illustration download .png

Stock Vintage Illustration Old Beauty Avon Soap Artwork Downloads Digital Clip Art

avon vintage illustration artwork soap beauty image clipart
vintage Avon soap illustration artwork

avon vintage illustration beauty soap artwork image
vintage Avon soap artwork illustration

These are two incredibly gorgeous digital soap downloads created from vintage, 1915 Avon soap illustrations. The vintage soap clip art is stunning in detail! Both of the old, Avon beauty soap illustrations show both the bars of soap, as well as the boxes. I love the second digital soap clip art that shows the design of information on the green bar of soap. The first digital soap clip art shows the bar of soap wrapped in white paper. What a lovely gift this must have been!

digital vintage soap illustration downloads .png

Victorian Girl Old Illustrations Apple Farmer Snow Clip Art

girl victorian farmer apples harvest illustration old clipart
Victorian girl clip art

girl snow umbrella illustration victorian old image
Victorian girl clip art

Today I've posted some charming digital girl clip art downloads of Victorian girls created from little paper scraps. The first digital girl clip art is of a farmer girl who's just harvested some delicious apples. She's carrying lots of apples in a little wicker baske. I love the big, red scarf she's got tied around her head. The bow is lovely! The second digital Victorian girl clip art is of a girl carrying a very big umbrella as she walks in the snow. She's also holding a small tub of Pioneer's baking powder.

digital Victorian girl illustration downloads .png

Old Flower Trade Card Artwork Illustration Orchids Orange Blossom Clipart

trade card victorian image digital download antique illustration
antique flower trade card image

flower orchid trade card illustration antique digital download
antique flower trade card image

Today I've posted two digital illustrations of old, Victorian flower trade cards. The first digital flower clip art is of Orange Blossoms and Coleus Leaves, which are spectacularly colorful. The worn, distressed background adds antique charm to the flower image. The second digital flower clip art is of a soft-pink orchid flower. These antqiue, Victorian trade cards are wonderful for a variety of crafting projects.

I've posted two free collage backgrounds featuring flower trade card images here.

Victorian Girls Free Images Flower Basket Spring Clip Art Downloads

girl victorian flower basket digital image illustration
Victorian girl clip art

girl flower basket victorian image digital download
Victorian girl clip art

These two digital Victorian girl downloads are delightfully pretty! Perfect for spring or wedding crafting projects, these Victorian flower girl images are bright, colorful and designed with lots of lovely flowers and roses. The girl's dresses are bright green and pink, which are so beautiful! They each look as if they've just been picking flowers in a field. The little girl in the second digital child clip art image is precious as she stands next to an umbrella that is as tall as she. Cute!

Victorian girl clipart downloads .png

Free Printable Victorian Girls Cats Old Clipart Digital Child Crafting Image Illustrations

victorian girl cat image digital clipart antique illustration
old Victorian girl holding cat image

victorian girl cat illustration digital image download
old Victorian girl with cat image

I found these two adorable Victorian girl illustrations in one of scrapbooks and knew I had to post them together because they also feature cats. The first digital girl clip art is a pretty, little girl holding her pet tabby cat. Her big, brown eyes and happy smile are precious, as are her bonnet and lacy dress. The second digital girl illustration is of a little girl enjoying something yummy while holding back her pet tabby cat from stealing any from her. How cute!

digital Victorian girl image downloads .png

Victorian Men's Fashion Clipart Tuxedo Suit Top Hat Illustration Images

fashion men victorian suit illustration digital clipart
Victorian men's fashion clip art

fashion tuxedo men suit illustration digital clipart
Victorian men's fashion clip art

These are two beautifully illustrated digital, Victorian men's fashion downloads. The first digital fashion image is of a man's suit with a long coat. He's wearing a top hat, which is very stylish. The second digital fashion clip art is of a tuxedo. This dapper gentleman is holding his gloves in one hand and his spectacles in the other. He looks as if he's just arrived at the opera.

digital Victorian men's fashion downloads .png

Victorian Women's Fashion Clipart Evening Dress Ball Gown Illustrations

fashion dress womens illustration clipart digital
Victorian dress fashion clip art

dress fashion victorian clipart image digital download
Victorian dress fashion clip art

These two digital Victorian fashion clipart downloads are so pretty! The first digital fashion illustration is of a lovely, pink evening dress with dainty bows along the long skirt. The gorgeous, maroon hat and cape and sumptous as well. She's looks ready for an evening at the opera. The second digital fashion download is of a blue ball gown with puffy, short sleeves. How lovely! She's holding a white fan. Looking as if she's just entered the ball room, I'm sure she won't be sitting the whole night at the dance!

Victorian women's fashion clipart downloads .png


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